Visitor Rules and Guidelines

At the Asa Wright Nature Centre we encourage users to enjoy the wonders of our protected lands and take care to avoid damaging or disturbing its wildlife and habitat or interfering with its management or enjoyment by others.

Protecting yourself: Please stay on the designated trails. This protects you from bites or stings from unsuspecting hidden animals and insects. Closed toe sturdy shoes are required, especially against snakebites, and a walking stick is recommended. We require users under the age of 16 years be always under adult supervision, especially on trails and at the natural bathing pools.

Protecting the wildlife: Trails are open from 6am – 6pm to allow our nocturnal animals to freely move around to forage and breed. Please avoid touching and removing of animals and plants (including cuttings, fungi, fruits and flowers). There is absolutely no trapping or killing of animals. Kindly refrain from feeding the animals as this can alter their natural behaviour and may affect their health.

Enjoying the nature centre: Domesticated animals are not permitted within the wildlife sanctuary since they can disrupt the delicate balance of nature. If you come across a fallen tree or branches or dead animal along the trail, please refrain from moving it yourself. Instead, take a note of the location and inform the guides/officials at the Nature Centre.  And finally, please place your litter in waste bins, this includes biodegradable food waste.

For the bird lovers: The use of playback recorders to attract birds are prohibited. If you must use a laser pointer to show a friend a bird or another animal, it should be used sparingly and avoid shining it directly at the animal.

Enjoying the sounds and serenity of nature: Please reduce your noise levels to appreciate the sounds of nature and be gracious to your fellow nature enjoyers – this includes switching your phones to silent/airplane mode, no use of speaker mode, no open playing of music, voices at conversational levels etc.

Photography and videography: We welcome visitors to take photographs and video for their personal use. Please be mindful of the wildlife and maintain a respectful distance away. Again, be courteous to your fellow visitors as they will also want an opportunity to capture that magnificent sighting. We also understand the Asa Wright Nature Centre is a fantastic location for wildlife and tropical forest landscape and will entertain requests for permission for commercial photography and videography. These requests must be made at least 1 week in advance to our email,

Drone usage: Drones are generally not permitted as they can cause major disruption to wildlife, especially at bird reserves, and impact the visitor experience. We will, however, consider authorising the use of drones for certain uses such as commercial videography/photography whereby permission must be obtained by emailing us at We also recognise that drones can be an incredibly valuable tool when used within nature reserve conservation, such as for habitat mapping or surveillance, and we will utilitise only when absolutely necessary.

Protecting the lands for future generations: The AWNC lands are in the Northern Range which are prone to destructive wildfires. We all need to do our part. Naked flames or fires are strictly prohibited on our protected lands and smoking is not allowed.

A special note about the Dunston Caves and the OilBird Trail: these caves are home to the only easily accessible colony of oilbirds in the country. As caretakers of the caves and this colony over the decades, we understand their behaviour and how easily they can be disturbed. For this reason, we have additional guidelines for visits to the Dunston Caves:

    • Visitors to the caves and along the Oilbird trail must be accompanied by a guide.
    • Visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the caves on their own.
    • Near and in the caves, noise levels must be kept to an absolute minimum.
    • No camera flash is allowed.
    • No flashlights are allowed unless under the supervision and guidance of a guide.