Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the questions that we are most asked. We will regularly update the list as more questions come in.

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No! The AWNC retains full ownership of the lands and buildings held in Trust. The AWNC has granted HADCO Holdings (of which HADCO Experiences is a division) a concession to operate the ecolodge at Spring Hill Estate for a term of 10 years, in the first instance.

The Concessionaire was selected by a public and transparent competitive biddings process in mid-2022.

Yes! Although as part of the concession agreement, all upgrades had to be approved by the Board of the AWNC. Upgrades were architecturally supervised and done to retain (at best) the character of the original AWNC Centre, the cottages and the Main House.

No! The new arrangement is not a public/private partnership. The AWNC is not now and has never been an entity owned or funded by the State. The assets of the Trust are vested in the Board of Trustees comprising three eminent citizens of T&T, and managed by a voluntary Board of Management. The Trustees and members of the Board of Management are not appointed by the government. The concession is a private agreement between the Trustees of the AWNC and HADCO Holdings.

Yes, definitely and always! Under the concession agreement HADCO Experiences controls the ecolodge and restaurant.  They also enjoy ancillary rights over common amenities like the nature trails,  Clearwater pool and driveway.  The AWNC remains responsible for all of the protected areas and will continue to fulfil its mandate through its Head Office, which continues to be at the Spring Hill Estate (the location of the ecolodge).  The AWNC also retains control of specific spaces in the Main House, such as the museum and Asa Wright’s bedroom, which will function as exhibition spaces for the Nature Centre.

No. The Board of Management of the AWNC has always worked (and continues to do so) with our Government to fulfill its (and the AWNC’s) mandate.

No. All bookings for the ecolodge must be made directly with the concessionaire, HADCO Experiences.

Please contact the ecolodge’s operator directly, HADCO Experiences. Similarly, all bookings must be made through them and not the AWNC office.

Charges for access to the facilities by day trippers (including cruise ship visitors) will be set by the concessionaire, HADCO Experiences. 

The ecolodge operator, HADCO Experiences at Asa Wright Nature Centre is responsible for setting opening hours and times.  You can visit their website for more information. 

All hospitality events such as weddings, corporate events, team building etc., must be made directly with the concessionaire, HADCO Experiences.

Yes! The AWNC will continue with its environmental education activities at Spring Hill Estate (and our other protected areas). This will include school visits, vacation camps etc. to the Nature Centre.  This is expected to commence in April 2024. Details such as costing and visiting days are still being worked out. You can keep updated by visiting our School Tours webpage.

Yes! AWNC’s maintains its rich history of facilitating scientific research on our protected lands. Whether you are academic researchers, students, research institutions, government organisations or simply a citizen scientist, you must seek permission from the AWNC.  Our Simla Field Research Station (15 minutes away) continues to house research scientists and students.  Fees at Simla are set by the AWNC.  You can visit our Simla Field Research webpage for further information.