Conservation & Research

This page is under development.  There is still some work to be done, in the meantime we’d like to briefly share our approach to conservation and research.

The conservation and biodiversity monitoring conducted at the Asa Wright Nature Centre is deeply integrated into the culture and operations of the organisation. One of the principles we follow is that conservation must benefit the people who live in the surrounding community.  At AWNC we protect and enhance the natural habitat for the benefit of biodiversity and monitor key taxa to determine the impact of our management. We also support activities of other NGOs and with an interest in biodiversity conservation. The conservation and research efforts conducted at the AWNC are direct needs of the Centre, like the Oilbird monitoring provided by the operation of the Centre. The monitoring exercises help us to engage with our visiting public and convey the value of biodiversity, the need for conservation and sustain their interest. By actively supporting related conservation and protected area management projects, we increase our ability to influence these activities.