This page is under development. There is still some work to be done, in the meantime we’d like to briefly share some of our environmental education and awareness activities from the past years.

Over the years, the AWNC has carried out a range of environmental education and awareness activities reaching local students from primary school to university level and persons from abroad. In addition to on-site school tours for approximately 3,000 primary school children per annum, the AWNC – with funding from the Fernandes Trust and the UNDP GEF Small Grants facility – carried out a Valley Schools Outreach Programme (VSOP) of environmental education at schools within the Borough of Arima, as well as the Arima and neighbouring valleys. The AWNC also partnered with other organizations to publish educational posters, including for the Pawi Education Project, with the Guardian Life Trust and the Environmental Management Authority. In addition, the AWNC commissioned or supported the publication of various books, notably The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago by Richard Ffrench (2 Editions); and A Guide to the Wild flowers of Trinidad and Tobago, by Professor E. Julien Duncan, with photography by Professor Julian S. Kenny; as well as The Old House and The Dream by Joy Rudder.