LOUIS LEE SING is a past Mayor of Port of Spain. He served as Mayor of the Capital City of Trinidad and Tobago during the period July 2010 to November 2013. As Mayor, he initiated a wide platform of change inclusive of the rehabilitation of street dwellers, enforcement of parking regulations and existing noise pollution regulations, as well as improvements in critical performance areas of the most developed city of the Southern Caribbean.

Mayor Lee Sing brought his unique passion for professionalism and excellence to the assignment, which is characteristic of his life’s work both within the public and private sectors. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to effectively operate within the corridors of both sectors. In pursuit of excellence within his City, he successfully confronted the Central Government in the Courts on a number of fundamental matters.

Louis J.E. Lee Sing # 1 Louis Lee Sing is undeniably a person who has positively influenced modern Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Beginning as a ‘cub’ reporter, and recognizing the written and spoken word to be a force of social and political change, he subsequently became involved in the Business of Media. Through his various interests, including a bookshop and publishing company, he seeks to make valuable contributions to building his beloved nation-state.

Mr. Lee Sing has similarly left indelible prints on the Credit Union movement in Trinidad and Tobago, as President of Eastern Credit Union between 1981 and 1993. His contributions built a single-door operation of near one thousand (1,000) members with a share capital of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) into a fully automated organization with multiple branches, membership of thirty-five thousand plus, share capital of Two Hundred and Five Million Dollars ($205,000,000.00), encompassing a fully diversified slate of business and social activities.

Mr. Lee Sing also served as Chairman of the National Lotteries Control Board, and the Managing Director of the International Communications Network (State Media), Mayor Lee Sing brought a renewed spirit of enterprise to these state agencies. He turned both organizations into efficient, highly profitable entities within notably short periods.

Mr. Lee Sing as Mayor was known for his unflinching drive to enforce law and order within the city, whilst respecting the various needs of its residents and users. As with all capital cities, Port of Spain is daily host to many more visitors than permanent burgesses. With tremendous foresight and strategic intent, Mayor Lee Sing employed the wealth of his experience in a state enterprise, finance, and media to ensure that the city continued to adequately serve users from within and across the Caribbean and beyond.

On a personal level, Mayor Lee Sing is Chairman of the professional football club Caledonia ‘AIA’. Staying true to its mission ‘Athletes in Action, he works with the team to create professional balance and personal growth for all.

Louis Lee Sing has a strong interest in the literary development of the youth of Trinidad and Tobago. Towards this end, he initiated a schoolbook project within two of Port of Spain’s more depressed secondary schools to encourage students to become familiar with the “African presence in Trinidad and Tobago”. The goal was to encourage a heightened awareness of the contributions of people of African descent to the development of Trinidad and Tobago. He takes every opportunity within the city of Port of Spain and across the nation to encourage reading and writing.


Louis Lee Sing – Author

Louis Lee Sing following his term in office as Mayor of his capital city researched and documented his time in office. This document is not just a narrative of his thirty-nine months as Mayor but digs deeper into addressing the weaknesses of the system of local government and offers some recommendations for the invention of a new and workable model for local government within Trinidad.

He penned his second book: “I Used to Live in Heaven: Letters to My Granddaughters,” where he narrates to his five granddaughters life’s little lessons. He paints Trinidad and Tobago as he remembered it, and envisions a futuristic Trinidad and Tobago with the positive input of civic-minded sons and daughters of the soil.