Len’s firm practice for 40 years with Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis focused on construction litigation, with an emphasis on architect and engineer liability and construction project disputes. He has extensive trial experience in the representation of architects and engineers, owners, and contractors in construction disputes, defect claims, delay claims, drafting and negotiating construction contracts, contractual disputes, and insurance coverage.

Currently, Len has taken a position as General Counsel at Jedson Engineering, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Len is a lifelong resident of Cincinnati and has a passion for exploration which led him to get involved with David Oehler, Asa Wright’s Board member, in the studies of Rockhopper penguins in southern Chile for over 10 years; searching for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the Choctawhatchee River Basin in Florida; Auklet and Puffin studies and collection work on Baby Island and St. Lawrence Island in Alaska and most recently the geotagging and tracking of Oilbirds on the AWNC property. The Rockhopper and Macaroni penguin work is published in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology including “Crested Penguin Population between Isla Terhaltan & Isla Recalada,” the “Status of Penguin populations in Three Islands in Southern Chile” and “Rockhopper & Macaroni penguin colonies Absent from Isla Recalada, Chile.” Len is also a member of the nationally acclaimed Explorer’s Club and has prepared multiple reports on the “Ecological Survey of the Penguins of Isla Noir, Chile” for the Explorer’s Club as well as a report for “The Oilbirds of the Asa Wright Nature Center.”

Len received his undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and his law degree from Salmon P. Chase, College of Law. After Len’s first visit to AWNC, he fell in love with the Center and is dedicated to seeing what he can do to assist in growing and preserving this spectacular nature preserve.