Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Asa Wright Nature Centre has been closed to visitors for several months and the eco-lodge has permanently ceased operations. However, the not-for-profit Trust remains in existence and it will continue managing its protected areas as a wildlife sanctuary.

We will continue with thoughtful consideration for the health and well-being of our visitors, staff, and local communities, in compliance with guidelines established by our Ministry of Health regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, and thus remain closed until further notice.

During the interim, we will be working towards preserving the wildlife sanctuary and engaging in critical conservation work. As we have no revenue to sustain these important activities your assistance is critical – please help support our work now with your donation.

Please join the growing list of friends, government officials, business and community leaders, scientists, environmentalists, teachers, parents and children from around the world who have already donated to help us during this crisis!

Apologies but our Credit Card company is in the process of addressing a software issue and at this time we are unable to accept online contributions.

•  Residents in Trinidad and Tobago can send cheques, bank drafts and money orders payable to Asa Wright Nature Centre, P.O. Box 4710, Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

• Contributions can also be made at Scotia Bank using the account number:  # 90415000000418

You can make online credit card donations in $TTD on our secure payment page below

Tax Deductibility Information on Deeds of Covenants for Individuals and/or Companies
A tax deduction is allowable for an individual or company who makes payment(s) to a Charitable Body/Institution/Fund by means of a Covenanted Donation. This deduction is equal to 15% of Total Income. (Companies and Individuals)
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