Analissa joined the AWNC’s Board of Management in November 2019 and played a significant role in steering the organisation through the COVID-19 pandemic and applying for grants to support the work of the Trust. Analissa is an environmental and sustainability management professional with 15+ years’ experience implementing publicly, privately and donor funded projects to promote sustainable practices in the region and the UK, especially in the sphere of plastic and chemicals pollution management. Analissa has provided technical assistance to numerous national and regional organisations including Government agencies, CARICOM and UNEP (Jamaica sub-regional office) in support of the various global multi-lateral environmental agreements.

Analissa is an avid bird watcher, scuba diver and all-round nature lover. In addition to volunteering with the AWNC, she is a friend of her local Rotary club, supporting social and education causes. She strongly believes in the motto ‘service to society’.

Analissa holds a Bachelor of Science degree (UWI) in Chemistry and a Master of Science (Bournemouth University) in Coastal Zone Management.  She is a Chartered Scientist accredited by the Science Council UK, a Project Management Professional (PMI) and a Member of Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (UK).