Release by- Prof. Judith Gobin, Chair, AWNC

16th December 2021

After its closure to the public almost two years ago, the Asa Wright Nature Centre plans to reopen its doors in 2022 with a new partner.

In September, the Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) invited proposals for the operation of the ecolodge at its’ internationally renowned Spring Hill Estate. The separation of the operation of the ecolodge business will allow the Centre to refocus on its core mission of conservation, education and scientific research. In response to the call for proposals, the Centre received a number of proposals from various corporate entities. After a rigorous evaluation and approval process, the Chair on behalf of the Trustees of the Board of the AWNC and the members of the Board- is pleased to announce that HADCO Limited emerged as the successful proposer.

HADCO Limited started in 1992 and “HADCO” has since become a household name in Trinidad and Tobago. While the HADCO Group of Companies is well known for its food and beverage services, within the last five years the group has diversified its business to include two recycling companies. The HADCO group is now seeking to diversify its business even further, into the ecotourism market. The ecolodge at the Asa Wright Nature Centre will be the flagship property of its ecotourism business. AWNC and HADCO will collaborate to transform the operations of the ecolodge at Spring Hill Estate to attain international green certification in sustainable operations.

While the doors of the Centre have been closed, the Centre has continued its’ conservation work. This proposed partnership is one step on the path to creating an immersive experience where  present and future generations can learn and understand the value of our natural landscape, flora and fauna, The Centre looks forward to sharing some of its ongoing projects and work through its social media platforms in the near future.

Over the next few weeks, the Centre and HADCO will engage in negotiations on the terms of its concession for the operation of the ecolodge. The Centre and HADCO look forward to welcoming our old and new friends and supporters to the Asa Wright Nature Centre and the Ecolodge at Spring Hill Estate in 2022.