Butterfly List

Butterflies enliven this green tropical landscape with their brilliant flashing colors. More than 600 species occur in Trinidad and many of these can be seen within the grounds of the Centre.

A sample list contributed by a Centre visitor shows the remarkable diversity that can be observed here.


Butterflies of Asa Wright Nature Centre
Coolie(Anartia amatha)
Biscuit, Peacock(Anartia jatrophe)
Banded Adelpha(Adelpha philassa symona)
Four Continent(Adelpha iphicla)
Donkey Eye, Buckeye(Precis lavinia zonatis)
Flambeau(Colaena iulia)
Skipper(Pythonides cerialis)
Cracker(Hamadrymas feronia)
Checkerspot(Pyrgus oileus oileus)
Long-tailed Skipper(Urbanus proteus)
Long-tailed Skipper(Urbanus Chioides)
Small Flambeau(Heliconius aliphera)
Small Postman(Heliconius erato)
Small Blue Grecian(Heiconius sara)
Rare Tiger(Heliconius ethillus)
Isabella Tiger(Heliconius isabella)
Duskywing(Aguna asander jasper)
Emperor(Morpho peleides insularis)
Caligo(Cocoa Mort Bleu)
Red Rim(Biblis hyperia)
Blue Tansparent(Ithomia pellucida)
Satyr(Euptychia terrestris)
Ringlet(Euptychia penelope)
Ringlet(Euptychia hermes)
Malachite(Siproeta stelenes)
White Lycid(Arawacus linus)
Large Lacewing(Actinote anteas)
Little Yellowie(Eurema venusta)
Gonatryz(Anteos demophon)
Monarch(Danaus plexippus)
Five Continent(Aldelpha cytherea insularis)
Cattleheart(Parides anchises cymocles)
Small White(Eurema albula)
Blue Tinted Handerchief(Dynamine theseus)
Small Dynamine(Dynamine artemesia)
Large Dynamine(Dynamine mylitta)
Black-bordered White(Melete lycimnia harti)
Handerchief(Phyciodes leucodesma)
Juane d' Abricot(Phoebis philea)
King Page(Papilo thoas nealces)


Compiled by: John Himmelman, Richard Chyinski, Sharon Sanders, Carol Lemmon, and Gary Lemmon of the Connecticut Butterfly Association. (October 22-24, 1994, October 5-8, 1996)