Conservation & Education

Kids On Trail 550

Students helping maintain trails at Asa Wright.

The use of its resources to promote conservation through education and research, are among the top priorities of the Asa Wright Nature Centre. The AWNC has traditionally been a leader among the conservation NGOs with respect to conservation education and research in Trinidad and Tobago, through support of environmental publications, posters, school tours, tropical ecology research and community outreach programmes.

Coordinated by our Community Outreach Specialist the AWNC’s conservation and education programmes are designed to increase the awareness and support of local people for conservation of the native wildlife, and to facilitate sustainable development in the communities surrounding the Nature Centre. These projects can be quite varied, and range from species-specific projects such as the Nature Centre’s Pawi Education Project to its support for community-based conservation initiatives such as the Blanchisseuse Environmental Arts Trust (BEAT).

Often these projects involve collaboration with several institutional partners, as in the case of the Nature Centre’s partnership with the Environmental Management Authority, and the Guardian Life Wildlife Trust, to produce a series of posters on the native plants and wildlife of Trinidad.

Information about Asa Wright’s conservation and education projects: