The Bellbird Newsletter

Catch up on all of the Centre’s programs and outreach activities in each new issue of The Bellbird, the official newsletter of the Asa Wright Nature Centre. Issues can be dowloaded in PDF format and can be read in either your browser or on your desktop.

Issue 1, 2021
Feature stories
• Message from our Chairperson: Professor Judith Gobin
• Asa Wright Nature Centre’s Board of Management by Christine Toppin-Allahar
• Update: The Dunstan Cave Oilbird Colony
• The Guacharo (Oilbird) Trail: The Nature Trails at Spring Hill by Peter O’Connor
• Ongoing camera trapping work at the Springhill Estate by Dr. Luke Rostant
October 2020
Feature stories
• October a ‘bonanza of Buff-breasts’,Bobolinks on cue and a Halloween surprise by Martyn Kenefick
• Moths on the move by Martyn Kenefick
• Global Big Day 17th October 2020 by Martyn Kenefick
• The Bamboo Valley Trail: The Nature Trails at Spring Hill by Peter O’Connor
September 2020
Feature stories
• Dear Friends . . . A message from the General Manager, June De Gale
• September: forests are quiet; wetlands lively by Martyn Kenefick
• Butterflies by the score by Martyn Kenefick
• The Chaconia Trail: The Nature Trails at Spring Hill by Peter O’Connor
August 2020
Feature stories
• August: A few puzzles and welcoming back an old friend by Martyn Kenefick
• The Bellbird Trail: The Nature Trails at Spring Hill by Peter O’Connor
• A cute, friendly but unwelcomed recent resident (Wedge-capped Capuchin Monkey) by Martyn Kenefick
July 2020
Feature stories
• Termites by Raymond A. Mendez (Thank you to Anthony Rostant, Ecological Termite Control Ltd.)
• The Nature Trails at Spring Hill by Peter O’Connor
• ‘The Old House and the Dream’ ‘The story of The Asa Wright Nature Centre Springhill – A dream takes shape’ by Joy Rudder
• July: Shorebird migration begins in earnest by Martyn Kenefick
June 2020
Feature stories
• June: always expect the unexpected
• A Blast from the Past
• A poem for Dawn
and Misty, Petals, Perfumes, Dewdrops, Songs and Asa!
May 2020
Feature stories
• February – May : a spring like no other
• Sightings on Global Big Day by Martyn Kenefick
• Watch out! Don’t get chiggers by Ray Mendez
March – April 2020
Feature stories
• Discovering the Outdoors – by Rebecca Boden, Haverford College
• Goodnight Scholars at Asa Wright – North Carolina State University
• Connecting the Dots at Adopt a River’s 3rd River conference 2020
• Photo Tips: One Word…BACKUP
• Remembering Tom Bearss
• Share your sightings on iNaturalist
February 2020
Feature stories
• Special Report: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
Report on Environmental Fair and Competition Results
• Photo Tips: Composition is Key
• Bird of the Month: Collared Trogon
• Allister Nanan: Protecting the Birds at Caroni Swamp
January 2020
Feature stories
• A big THANK YOU for a wonderful trip! – Mary Jane Hele Toronto, Canada
• Christmas Bird Count 2019 Highlights
• T&T BIRDING SCENE: January: the start of a new birding decade
• Photo Tips: The Highly Helpful Histogram
December 2019
Feature stories
• Trinidad forms International Environmentalist
• The AWNC Board of Management & Trustees
• T&T BIRDING SCENE:December: The end of the birding year
• Photo Tips: RAW vs. JPG
November 2019
Feature stories
• Bioblitz 2019: Tabaquite
• T&T BIRDING SCENE: November: Ducks Arriving
• Photo Tips: Focus on Focus
• The AWNC-Haverford College Connection
October 2019
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene: October Exciting Times!
Photo Tips: The Dreaded Auto Mode
Throwback: Return to 2004 Visit
2019 Christmas Bird Count
September 2019
Feature stories
• T&T BIRDING SCENE: August – September: A mixture of expected migrants coupled with a few surprises
• Building New Bird Feeders
• Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Action School Competition
August 2019
Feature stories
Greenhouse in Full Swing
Birds Caribbean in Guadeloupe: Jessie Pitt
Beyond Green Expo
July 2019
Feature stories
• T&T BIRDING SCENE: June & July: a lull before the hoped for migratory storm
• An Intern’s Thank You to Asa Wright:James Ftizmyer Dougherty – Haverford College, Pennsylvania
• Our First Sip&TPaint at Asa Wright Nature Centre
June 2019
Feature stories
A Tribute to Octavia Ash
Bachia whitei: Tobago’s New Endemic Lizard Species
Trinidad stream frogs: A better understanding into their special colour differences
May 2019
Feature stories
• T&T BIRDING SCENE: April&May: Tail end of Spring full of surprises
• Global Big Day 2019
• Brazilian Porcupine: Long-time friend of AWNC
• Sip&TPaint at Asa Wright Nature Centre
April 2019
Feature stories
Learning In Nature: Exploring our Forest Classroom
The Guppy: Attracting Researchers Worldwide
March 2019
Feature stories
• Special Olympics Champion: Israel Duncan
• On sale: Trinidad’s Birds of the Asa Wright Nature Centre
• THE T&T BIRDING SCENE: February & March: Scarce Species Few and Far Between
• New Guppy Game
• Round 5 for the Peacework Volunteers from North Carolina State University
February 2019
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene: The T&T list gets longer…and longer…and longer
New Hiking Tour
Time to debunk this ‘Anansi Story’
Poem: A Special Retreat
January 2019
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene: January: A New Birding Year Dawns
The 2018 Christmas Bird Count
Guest Speaker: Sheri Williamson: All About Hummingbirds
December 2018
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene: December – The season of ‘good birding cheer’
Toco 2018: Bioblitzing in North East Trinidad
Man on a Mission
November 2018
Feature stories
Friends of Asa Wright
Asa Wright Partners Appear Before Philadelphia Officials
T&T Birding Scene, October – November: Late migration and early winter arrivals
October 2018
Feature stories
Trinibats returns to the Centre
TTFNC Herpetology Group Trip Report: Arima Valley
The Bob Thomas Snake
Camera Traps
September 2018
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene: Migration in Full Swing
Young Environmentalist: Zeeshaan Saeed Lall
August 2018
Feature stories
Studying Guppies at the William Beebe Research Station
Rediscover Trinidad and Tobago
T&T hosts the first Latin America and Caribbean Congress for Conservation Biology
July 2018
Feature stories
My Internship in the Tropics
T&T Birding Scene: July- the Birding Crossroads
Trail Mapping
Jun 2018
Feature stories
Cheers to our Long-serving Staff
Biodiversity Lectures
Conservationists Shed Light on T&T’s Bats
Atwell’s Trip to the Asa Wright Nature Centre
June Visitors
ECIAF Campus Fair
The Mid-year Birding Doldrums
May 2018
Feature stories
Our National Flower: The Double Chaconia
The Velvet Worm
Where Art Meets Nature
April 2018
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene: A Cerulean Warbler Sighted
A New Fire Festival
Expanding our bat research
March 2018
Feature stories
Go Green, Not Polythene
How Haverford College Explored at AWNC
North Carolina State University Returns
February 2018
Feature stories
The 2017 Christmas Bird Count
Asa Wright: More than a Nature Centre
Poem: I am a Hummingbird
Say Hello to the Hermits
Water Warriors Training
January 2018
Feature stories
University of Glasgow Bat Expedition
In Recognition: Dr. Elisha Tikasingh
T&T Birding Scene: New species and high counts
Adopt A River Award to Asa Wright Nature Centre
December 2017
Feature stories
50th Anniversary:
Our Icelandic Relations
A Weekend of Festivities
A Day Out: Remembering Ása Guðmundsdóttir Wright and Dr. Charles William Beebe
Commemorative Messages
Also –
Birds, Art, and Culture – with Wildlife Artist Keith Hansen
David Allen Sibley Comes to the Centre
Discovery Channel Canada Films at Spring Hill
November 2017
August 2017
Feature stories
Tribute to a Friend
Readers Remember
T&T Birding Scene: Dark-billed Cuckoos at Caroni
July 2017
Feature stories
A Week of Activities with Edward Rooks and Janice Edgerly-Rooks
T&T Birding Scene: A Rare Sighting in the Lowlands
Wildlife Feature
T&T’s New Species is up to Bat
Also, take a look at what we saw in one of our nest boxes!
June 2017
Feature stories
50th Anniversary Cocktail Reception
Service Awards for External Guides
T&T Birding Scene: A Gray-necked Wood-Rail at Springhill
Wildlife Feature: Aplomado Falcon
May 2017
Feature stories
A 40-Year Wait, Over at Last! – Scott Weidensaul
T&T Birding Scene: Hummingbird Puzzles
U.S. Wrestler lands at AWNC
Wildlife Feature: Ocelots: 1,2,3?
April 2017
Feature stories
Optics for Asa Wright
T&T Birding Scene: An Agami Heron at Brasso Seco
Asa Wright featured in GEF’s Planning Guide
Wildlife Feature: Rufous-browed Peppershrike
March 2017
Feature stories
The Peacework, NCSU and Asa Wright collaboration continues
Scott Weidensaul lectures at Asa Wright
T&T Birding Scene: Red-bellied Macaws by the numbers
The 2016 Christmas Bird Count
Wildlife Feature: Dickcissel
February 2017
Feature stories
A Connection to the Past
Community Outreach: Storm Aftermath
T&T Birding Scene – A Surprise on Little Tobago
Wildlife Feature: Yellow Warbler
January 2017
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene – Action on the West Coast
A Leucistic Hummingbird is out an about at AWNC
Ode to Asa Wright
Wildlife Feature: An Unusual Nesting Spot
December 2016
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene – December brings a new mystery seabird
Eco-Activists at Naparima Girls’ High School
Asa Wright’s Display at the UWI Library
AWNC travels to the American Birding Expo
Wildlife Feature: Black and White Worm Lizard
November 2016
Feature stories
AWNC’s Service Awards
T&T Birding Scene
The 2016 Biobltiz and Nature Fair
Rainforest Tobago
National Geographic Traveler features the Asa Wright Nature Centre in “The Song of Trinidad”
Wildlife Feature: Oilbird Rescue
October 2016
Feature stories
AWNC celebrates its 49th Birthday
The Big Sit 2016
T&T celebrates its first World Rivers Day
World Rivers Day at Asa Wright
T&T Birding Scene
Wildlife Feature: Tayra
September 2016
Feature stories
The Makings of the First Certified Interpretive Guide Trainers in the Caribbean
Birding Tobago
The 2016 International UK Bird Fair Experience
Young Wildlife Artists Showcase Their Talent at the TTFNC Environmental Art Competition
Wildlife Feature: Forest Elaenia
August 2016
Feature stories
The T&T Birding Scene
Visiting Tobago?
Vacation Camp Outings to Asa Wright
Wildlife Feature: Ruschenberger’s Tree Boa
July 2016
Feature stories
My Internship in Arizona
ECIAF students intern at the Centre
Our Sunday Brunch
Wildlife Feature: Long-billed Gnatwren
June 2016
Feature stories
T&T Birding Scene
Green Leaf Award for Service and Wildlife Conservation
Tree Planting at Springhill for World Environment Day
AWNC celebrates World Environment Day at Educational Display Events
Wildlife Feature: Red-legged Honeycreeper
May 2016
Feature stories
Upgraded Richard ffrench Museum Launched
Unusual Sightings
The Global Big Day
Young Environmentalist of the Month
Don Eckelberry Scholarship Award Winner
Wildlife Feature: Chestnut Woodpecker
April 2016
Feature stories
Widener University at AWNC
Unusual Sightings
Bat Surveys at AWNC
Earthwatch and AWNC Partnership
Wildlife Feature: Red-rumped Agouti
March 2016
Feature stories
Global Environment Facilities Site Visit at AWNC
“In the America’s” T&T Episode Showcases Asa Wright
North Carolina State University Volunteers Return for Round Two
Japanese Volunteer Meets Trini Students
Unusual Sightings
Wildlife Feature: Piratic Flycatcher
February 2016
Feature stories
The Return of the Capuchins
Unusual Sightings
2016 Birds of T&T Calendar
The Christmas Bird Count results are in!
Wildlife Feature: Blue-headed Parrot
January 2016
Feature stories
Unusual Bird Sightings
A Young Environmentalist
Oilbird Data Collection at the Centre
Wildlife Feature: Green Hermit
December 2015
Feature stories
Glimpses of the Guides: Dave Ramlal
Unusual Bird Sightings
The U.S. Embassy visits Malabar R.C. School
2015 Bird Count: Hummingbirds, Tanagers, Honeycreepers and Rain!
Wildlife Feature: Titan Mushroom
November 2015
Feature stories
Peter O’Connor – a pillar of Asa Wright
Beaming with Strength
Unusual Bird Sightings
Charlotteville Bioblitz 2015
Board Visit to Arena Reservoir
Wildlife Feature: Webspinners
October 2015
Feature stories
And By and By a Cloud Takes Us All Away
Big Sit 2015
Rare Bird Alerts
Wildlife Feature: Wattled Jacana
September 2015
Feature stories
The Art of Interpretation
Wake Up and Pick the Coffee
Friends of Asa Wright Luncheon
This One is for the Birds
Where there is a Map, there is a way
Can You Spot the Nesting Boxes
Wildlife Feature: Fork-tailed Flycatcher
August 2015
Feature stories
Pan in Nature
Plants for People
Camps at Asa Wright
Wildlife Feature: Savannah Hawk
July 2015
Feature stories
Seeing for Themselves
Glimpses of the Guides: Natalie Clement & Tonya-Lee Phillip
Puffins and More
The 18th Hummingbird in Trinidad and Tobago: The Amethyst Woodstar
Republic Support
Rush Hour of the Leaf-cutter Ants by Daniel Keller, Salisbury University, Maryland
On Birds and Blooms by Chase Douglas, Salisbury University, Maryland
Wildlife Feature: White-fronted Capuchin
June 2015
Feature stories
In Tribute to Margaret ffrench
Glimpses of the Guides – Cherry Ann Dookram & Jessie Pitt
Tracking the Ocelot
Salisbury University, Maryland at Asa Wright Nature Centre
AWNC Ventures Across the Country
Wildlife Feature: Rufous-shafted Woodstar
May 2015
Feature stories
In the Americas films at The Dunston Cave
Glimpses of the Guides – Elsa Thomas and Barry Ramdass
Staff Outing Day: Bonding with your co-workers has never been such fun!
Young Environmentalists of the Month
Wildlife Feature: Rose-breasted Grosbeak
April 2015
Feature stories
Winston Nanan: Hero
Glimpses of AWNC Guides: Caleb Walker and Mukesh Ramdass
Asa in the Rain
Wildlife Feature: Ornate Hawk-eagle Sighting at Centre
March 2015
Feature stories
North Carolina State University students volunteer at the Centre
Deep Forest Trekking
Wildlife Feature: Common Green Iguana
February 2015
Feature stories
Birds of a Feather Flock in the Same Band!
Taking Guests to the ‘Valley of life’
The Bright Future Ambassadors leave their mark at the Asa Wright Nature Centre
The Valley Schools Outreach Program continues in 2015
Wildlife Feature: Green-rumped Parrotlet
January 2015
Feature stories
Support for Conservation
Trinibats and the Organisation for Bat Conservation visit the AWNC
A country by any other Suri-name would not have as many antbirds
Wrapping up our two-year gift!
2014 Christmas BirdCount Update
Reptile enthusiasm slithers into Asa Wright: Meet Brandon Ramnath
Wildlife Feature: Southern Lapwing
December 2014
Feature stories: Time for Coffee… Harvesting, Staff Christmas Party, Christmas Bird Count 2015
Wildlife Feature: Southern Tamanadua
November 2014
Feature stories:Food Fair in the Forest, The Big-Sit Event held at Asa Wright, Clean-up around the Cave, This year I shot a Pawi for Thanksgiving
October 2014
Bioblitz Torch Passed to Nariva Swamp
Activities in ‘the coffee’
Asa Wright Nature Centre at UWI’s Annual Prizes Awards Ceremony
The American Robyn Comes to T&T
Wildlife Feature: Yellow Oriole
September 2014
Feature stories: Dressed Up Again, Call of the Bushmaster (Part 2),
Wildlife Feature: Red-tailed Squirrel
Special Feature: Calling Coffee Pickers
August 2014
Feature stories: Taking Asa Wright Nature Centre to the Birdfair, Call of the Bushmaster, My Internship in Arizona (part II)
Wildlife Feature: Brown Pelican
Notice: Springhill closed for maintenance
July 2014
Feature stories: My Internship in Arizona, Come Connect with Nature
Wildlife Feature: Blue Dacnis
Notice: Dressing the ‘Old Lady’
June 2014
Feature stories: Planting Trees as Engineers, More On Our Interns
Wildlife Feature: Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl
May 2014
Feature stories: The Return of the Pawi, Who Wants to be an Artist?, Terrestrial Arthropod Workshop
Wildlife Feature: Northern Waterthrush
April 2014
Feature stories: Partnering with Penta, Nurturing the ‘Saplings’, Trinibats Report, Earth Day
Wildlife Feature: Ocelot
March 2014
Feature stories: Trinibats visits AWNC, Our Commitment to Conservation,
Asa Wright’s continued partnership with the Communities,
Chocolate Making at AWNC
Wildlife Feature: Blue Morpho
February 2014
Feature stories: Fulfilling Our Mission, Celebration of Art in Nature
Wildlife Feature: Trinidad Piping-Guan
January 2014
Feature stories: The Engine Room, Molly Moves On, The 2013 Christmas Bird Count, Red Brocket Deer Sighting
Wildlife Feature: Turquoise Tanager
December 2013
Feature stories: Our Chair Underwater, Tour Guide Training Workshop, Asa Wright Nature Centre’s First Weather Station, Christmas Festivities, A poem by A. Rhikkie Alexander
Wildlife Feature: Yellow-hooded Blackbird
November 2013
Feature stories: Bringing in the Beans, Why we do what we do, My visit to Asa Wright Nature Centre
Wildlife Feature: Beginning of a Bachac Colony
October 2013
Harvest time: A volunteer call update
Feature stories: Mustard Anyone? And I Don’t Mean the Condiment ! Delving Into Cocoa Part 2
Wildlife Feature: Scarlet Ibis
September 2013
Feature story: Arima Valley Bioblitz 2013
Wildlife Feature: The Red-Brocket Deer
We also call for volunteers to help pick our Mountain Ebony coffee.
August 2013
Feature story: 25 years at Rutland
Special features: Scouts volunteering in our Butterfly Garden, Return of ‘The Butterflies’, The Zoo visits Asa
Wildlife Feature: Ornate Hawk Eagle
We also announce the Arima Valley Bioblitz 2013!
July 2013
Feature story: School Camp Safari
Special features: Delving Into Cocoa, Weddings & Sustainability
Wildlife Feature: Spiny Tree Lizard
June 2013
Feature story: Weighing in with Asa
Special feature: World Environment Day, Crafting Bamboo at Asa Wright
A Generous Donation
Wildlife Features: What’s that Bird?, The Brown Violetear
May 2013
Feature story: Wedding at Asa Wright
Special feature: Exhibitions: Deadly 60, Backyard Birds Poster
Shhh, While You are Stihl Asleep
Wildlife Features: Did You Know?, The Ruby Topaz
April 2013
Feature story: Earth Day
Special feature: Sustainable Tourism Conference & Earth Week Environmental Symposium, Visiting Artist Chirag Thumbar
Wildlife Features: Did You Know?, The Yellow-headed Caracara
March 2013
Feature story: A new driveway for Springhill
Special feature: Bird Banding Project launched at Asa Wright
Wildlife Features: Did You Know?, The Bat Falcon
Our Young Environmentalist of the Month venture continues
February 2013
Feature story: A Don Eckelberry Scholarship Winner at Asa Wright
Special feature:The Verandah – Surprise Reacquaintances
Wildlife Features: Did You Know?, New Species of Stick Insects
Notice: Road Works Continue
Our Young Environmentalist of the Month venture continues.
January 2013
Feature story: Volunteers on the move
Special feature: Following-up on Community Meeting, Historic Day
Wildlife Features: Did You Know?, Red-breasted Blackbird
Notice: Road Repairs
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