22 Mar 2013

Volunteers on the Move

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On Saturday 19th January, 2013, we welcomed a group of 22 student volunteers from Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East (BATCE) Environmental Club who came to work at Asa Wright Nature Centre. The task assigned was an upgrade to our Adventure Trail, which is the most challenging of our several Nature Trails.

Our Winston Rojas, who is an Honorary Game Warden, led the group along the trail through the forest. The mission ahead of us was to mark off certain areas on the trail, to ensure that it was easy to follow, and to construct supports where the trail was very steep. This was done with rope tied between trees along the trail, and by placing posts where the trees were at some distance from the trail.

The young men in the group were responsible for carrying and putting down the posts at certain intervals along the way. The ladies were in charge of untangling and running the ropes and tying them to the posts or trees. As we made our way through the trail, we ourselves utilised the rope-railings we had just installed.

While going along the path we took the opportunity to share information and point out interesting sightings. We saw the rear end of a Bellbird in flight, and markings on the trail left from a wild hog.

A Blue Morpho butterfly kept showing glimpses of itself from time to time; the students were very happy to see her. We were having so much fun along the way that we didn’t even notice when we ran out of rope! To wrap things up on the trails, we decided to take the group to see the pool on Bamboo Valley trail. They absolutely enjoyed the ambience and then it was time for lunch.

Afterwards we had a sharing activity and each student was presented with a certificate of appreciation for their hard work and for enhancing the environment. We look forward to future collaborations with this group.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please do let us know!

 By Denise Etienne

Photos courtesy: Ms. Hutton & BATCE Environmental Club

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