28 Mar 2013

The Asa Wright Verandah: Surprise Reacquaintances

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Barbara Bach and Mary Beecher (now Mary Price) were school friends in Boston long ago. They were in a biology class together. Then they moved on and did not keep in touch. However, the biology they learned was enough to interest them in birds, and both became Bird Watchers, travelling to various destinations to see the birds of the world.

Without their knowing it, both are living in Michgan, and both were looking for a break from the winter storms sweeping the State. Mary and her husband Rick decided to come to the Asa Wright Nature Centre for that escape. Barbara was wondering what to do in the impending Spring Break—although “spring” was nowhere in sight—when her friend, and fellow birder, Gwen Nystuen contacted her and asked if she would like to join a group going to the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad. Barbara jumped at the chance.

And so, one morning on the verandah overlooking the Arima valley, with the birds they love all around them, they recognised each other and renewed a friendship which distance and time had interrupted!

And that is typical of the serendipity of Asa Wright and her Verandah! While, to our knowledge, these are the first school friends to connect years later at Spring Hill, we have had the pleasure of seeing others who reconnected with birders they had met two, five or more years ago in Africa, Central America or the Far East! Such is the family of birders worldwide—their paths can cross anywhere in the world, just as Barbara’s and Mary’s had at Asa Wright.

We were delighted to entertain Barbara, Mary and their family and friends, and learn of the happy coincidence that brought two school friends together after many years apart.


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