Tips for Visiting the Centre

  • Walk with insect repellent for mosquitoes & chiggers
  • Walk with binoculars, cameras, telescopes
  • Walk with an umbrella and/ or poncho
  • Wear long light clothing in neutral colours, avoiding bright conspicuous colour clothing
  • Wear comfortable shoes or boots
  • Avoid wearing highly scented perfumes and colognes
  • Walk with swim wear to wade in our natural spring pool, located ten minutes walking distance along the driveway, from Reception
  • Do not handle any animals on the estate
  • Stay on the trail with the Guide
  • Be observant, paying attention to warning signs
  • Listen to our Guides for safety instructions and guidelines
  • Do not litter
  • Do not feed the animals
  • Avoid making loud noises and do not carry any type of music or sound making devices
  • Only water should be carried on the trails
  • Avoid carrying any types of snacks or food items on the trails
  • Children under the ages of twelve years old must be closely supervised at all times