Day Visitors

 Asa Wright Nature Centre welcomes day visitors during the hours of 9am – 5pm. Guided walks with our professional naturalist guides are conducted daily at 10:30am and 1:30pm. The walk lasts about 1.5 hours.

Day visitors can relax on our Jade Vine Terrace or Verandah, which has a spectacular view of the Arima Valley and the many species of birds. Visitors have a choice of the Buffet Lunch in the Dining Room or the Sandwich Menu available on the Verandah. The Clearwater Pool is open to all Day Visitors.

Please Note: Advance reservations are required for Day Visitors.


Entrance Fee:

  • Non-Residents of Trinidad & Tobago
    – Adults US$10 – Children 12 yrs and under US$6
  • Residents of Trinidad & Tobago
    – Adults TT$30 – Children 12 yrs and under TT$15

For further information please call us at 667-4655 or email us at: Reservations.



Buffet Lunch is served 12noon – 1pm in the Dining Room

Sandwich Menu is available 11am – 4pm on the Verandah

Please Note: You must call or email and make a reservation before coming up for Lunch.


Lunch Prices

  • Monday – Saturday: TT$140 per person
  • Sunday: TT $200 per person
  • Children 12 yrs and under Lunches cost TT$ (half price of adult Lunch)

For further information or Reservations please call 667 4655 or email: Reservations.