Tufted Coquette

Lephornis ornata
As if Hummingbirds didn’t have enough attention already, with their brilliant iridescent plumage, dexterous flight ability, blistering speeds, pinpoint accuracy, high energy diet and diminutive size, there are some like the Tufted Coquette which are further distinguishable and unique. By far one of the Centre’s star attractions and most sought-after birds, the Tufted Coquette is widely acknowledged as Trinidad’s smallest resident bird at 2.75 inches (this size is also shared by the rare Rufusshafted Woodstar Hummingbird). The tiny Coquette, sometimes mistaken for a large bee, can be seen from the main house verandah and around the estate visiting small flowers, especially those of the Vervain and Lantana plants. While a popular target species for visiting bird watchers, its small size and hasty feeding behaviour make it a challenge to see, although when at rest its magnificence is truly revealed. The male and female strongly contrast but both share mainly green plumes. The male, however, is more glamorous with its bright crimson-coloured crest and crimson and green tufts beneath the throat. The female is devoid of both the crest and tufts seen on the male. Visitors of all interests are eager and impressed to see the Tufted Coquette, not only one of the world’s smallest birds but also one of the world’s smallest vertebrates…. Come see why!