04 Dec 2012

Minister of Tourism visits Asa Wright

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The Minister of Tourism, Honourable Stephen Cadiz, visited the Asa Wright Nature Centre on Monday 22nd October, and spent five hours re-familiarising himself with our verandah, birds and nature trails. And it was only natural that he would come to Spring Hill, given that government’s recently announced tourism thrust would be directed at Nature, or Eco Tourism, and Sports Tourism. And as we all proudly know, the Asa Wright Nature Centre was the first, and remains the flagship example of sustainable eco-tourism in Trinidad and Tobago.

Addressing board members and staff in the Mango Room, Minister Cadiz reinforced government’s commitment to developing and enhancing the country’s undeniable eco-tourism potential. He acknowledged the pioneering work of the Centre in this regard, and indicated that government would assist with Asa Wright’s international marketing, and with some of our requests for facility upgrades.

The Minister planted a “Powder-puff” tree (Caliandra surinamensis) in the vicinity of our new Photographers’ Blind. He then met some of our visitors on the verandah before being taken on a guided walk down the Discovery Trail to see, particularly, our manakins and Bell Birds. Standing in the forest, hearing only the birds and the rushing streams, Mr. Cadiz would have appreciated the value of our mission to preserve these areas.

The visit concluded, suitably, with a hearty lunch of Asa Wright’s renowned local cuisine.


Minister Cadiz and AWNC Chair Dr. Judith Gobin planting tree

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