19 Sep 2012

Rainy Season Charms

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Rainbow against a rain-washed sky.

As weather patterns change everywhere, our little islands have also been affected.
While we hear of the extreme – from droughts to floods, and heat waves to
bitter cold – we are thankful that our changes have been benign…so far!
This year our dry season was sprinkled with almost daily showers. And so our hills
stayed green, and the little streams that run through Spring Hill sparkled and sang
happily all through the dry months. This meant there were no forest fires, so no
birds’ nests, or bee hives were destroyed, or ground dwelling animals were forced to
flee for their lives.
All this has resulted in natural blessings for Asa Wright! The trees and
plants are still in flower, and bird counts are up, and as regular BellBird readers
will know, unusual animal sightings have occurred around the estate.
Those of us, who worried that we may have had torrents when the rainy season
officially began, have been pleasantly surprised. The rains continue, but there
is the beautiful mix of sunny days and intermittent showers when the sunshine
and the rain create beautiful rainbows in the valley’s mist. When we wander the
forest trails, we walk in the embrace of these mists, eerie but poignant! Sunbeams
pierce the canopy above to highlight that bird, butterfly or flower just as we walk by.
Most visitors come to Asa Wright in the northern winter months between
December and March – mainly to escape the cold. But if you can, you should try
Asa in the summer. Everything you can wish for in a rainforest bird sanctuary is
there — with rainbows added!


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