01 Dec 2009

Directors reaffirm mandate for Northern Range Preservation

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The Board of Directors held their Annual General Meeting at the Centre on November 6 and 7, and passed a resolution reaffirming the Centre’s mandate to protect the world-renowned wildlife resources of Trinidad’s Northern Range. This resolution was considered necessary given the ongoing destruction of forests in the Arima valley by quarrying interests, and housing and development in other valleys.
Quarrying in the Arima valley has encroached into Simla’s lands, and the world famous William Beebe Tropical Research Station is now surrounded by noisy, dirty quarries. The spring which supplied water to the station for 60 years has dried up as a result of landslips caused by the quarrying.
Another, government-owned quarry has cut a huge scar into the hillside in the valley across from the Asa Wright verandah, clearly visible to all of our guests. Dynamite blasts are seen and heard from the verandah, and the destruction continues, as forests, water sources and wildlife habitats are destroyed.
The Board has noted that the country has not placed adequate value on its natural resources, and is moving forward with a campaign to sensitise the government and citizens generally about the tremendous value that should be assigned to our forests, water sources and wildlife. Indeed, the survival of the Asa Wright Nature Centre depends upon the successful pursuit of this campaign.
The Centre is also enlisting assistance from our many international affiliates and friends
December 2009

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