01 Dec 2009

AWNC history book launch

News of Asa Wright

It is much more than a history of the Asa Wright Nature Centre. It is, in fact, the real story of the Centre, from its beginnings as a cocoa and coffee estate, to its current establishment of the Nature Centre and Lodge. Author Joy Rudder has woven a tapestry of personal vignettes to create a different type of historical record. Her book The Old House and the Dream, which was formally launched at an at the National Library on December 4th, reveals a history of the estate and the Centre as seen through the stories of all of the people who have been part of that history. Joy has presented a series of short stories, told of and by people involved with the Centre over the years. The reader is in touch with the personalities and the timeline which runs through the narratives. The personalities are brought to life “with all their warts,” as historian Bridget Brereton described the book Tel: (868) 667-5162 Email: asaright@tstt.net.tt ‘The Old House and the Dream’ The Management & Staff of the Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge wishes everyone a blessed Christmas Holiday and New Year! Come have a look! in her keynote address at the launch. The difficulties the founders of Centre endured when the indomitable Icelander Asa Wright first accepted the idea of allowing her home to be taken over by a Conservation Trust, are described with deep personal feelings by the parties involved. The reader becomes a member of the extended Asa Wright family as they absorb the dramas which surrounded the founding of the Centre. This is a totally readable history of a unique institution which has now become internationally recognised as one of the finest bird watching sites in the world. That it succeeded in this mission is a credit to all those who worked and fought for its survival. And Joy has brought all this to life for us!. The book can be purchased at the Asa Wright Gift Shop, Metropolitan Bookstore and Paperclip.
December 2009

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